Rule 14: Buddy Up

If you’re feeling low on motivation, you might want to shake up your workout by working out with others. Whether this is finding a workout buddy or going to a group exercise class, the benefits of social fitness are endless so grab your girls and let’s get to it. Finding the right workout partner isn’t an easy task, because having one can be very beneficial or very detrimental to your success. When you find the right workout partner, you’ll motivate and push each other to hit PBs and be each others biggest cheerleader!



The great thing about having a training partner is that it’s a date, it’s easier to cancel on yourself than it is others. You also keep each other accountable to get the session complete. If you don’t have your session written down, at least have it in your head. Don’t just walk in and figure it out as you go along as you may end up cutting yourself short and not doing a lot. You and your training partner should never let each other skip sets or ever skip full exercises. Get it done. If your training partner just wants to chat to you and not do a lot of working out, then maybe next time you can arrange a coffee date rather than a workout date. Don’t allow anyone to undercut your training session!


You’re not going to find her or him down the pub lets be honest, your best bet is to find them in the gym. I remember meeting a girl in the gym because she literally walked over to me during a set of glute bridges and said; “Hey Can I jump in with you?” We spent the rest of the session pushing each other and working our glutes together, we kept in contact too, so if I’m ever over near that gym I will contact her to get in a good training session. I’m naturally an introverted and quite a shy person so I do understand that not everyone can just approach someone like this, I certainly couldn’t but If you’re not shy, go for it. It’s a great way to meet people. So go to the gym with an open mind, don’t rule anyone out, you never know who might be a great training partner.


If you haven’t yet found your perfect training partner but you find it hard to motivate yourself to train alone then attend classes, most gyms offer them included in the membership so get booked on at a busy time, you’ll find a lot of people in the classes, who like you probably haven’t found their perfect training partner yet. You never know who you will get chatting to. If you see a girl who you think gave it her all in class, compliment her on it, it’s a great way to open convo and find out if she is also looking for a training partner.

The best training partner I’ve ever had is my friend Shelley, We both used to take part in Strength Camp at FLFPC and were put together, we became training partners for 6 months and as a result became very good friends, Our training partnership came to an end when I moved to North Wales, I haven’t found a partner which lives up to Shelley since. We sweated, grunted, pushed each other and celebrated each others PBs, this is what a good training partner should do. We train together occasionally when I’m back in Manchester.
glutesPost Glute Session With Shelley.