Rule 9: Don’t Quit

Many people find a healthy lifestyle and exercise discomforting, they are out of breath, sweaty, planning meals out rather than just giving no thought to the food they put in their mouth and they just can’t get to grips with the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Hence why such a huge percentage of our population is overweight or obese. As humans it’s in our nature that we seek pleasure and avoid discomfort, thats why most people give themselves many reasons why they can’t get fit rather than reasons why they can. Thats why the fad diet industry is booming. People want short term quick fixes (which by the way do not work). There is no pill, shake or potion that will give you results like a clean natural diet and regular exercise will. Heres 4 tips to help you through any negative encounters you may experience when switching to your new healthy lifestyle!!

Healthy Lifestyles have so many benefits. Not only will you look great and feel more confident but you will decrease your risk of serious disease and illness’. Obesity is caused by unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet and lack of exercise and obesity is linked to diabetes type2, heart disease, joint problems, respiratory problems, fatigue, and premature death. Looking good is just an added extra of doing good for yourself and you will also feel the amazing benefits of living a healthy lifestyle! You are doing this for YOU! You can do it! Be Better!!

Many people find it hard to motivate themselves, therefore for some people when they see you are self-motivated they don’t like it. It highlights to them their own poor habits and lifestyle choices and they don’t like to look at these. Therefore they may be negative towards you starting yours. Ive had people tell me that their own parents have told them ‘ You’ll never stick to it in a million years’ and its heartbreaking to hear. Don’t take it personally. Not everyone will be happy for you, its nothing to do with you! Its down to their own insecurities! Some people are also negative because they don’t understand what it is that your doing! Explain to them that your new lifestyle is no fad. Its just a healthier version of the one you were living before.

Share your lifestyle with the ones you love, make them see how fun your new lifestyle is and that they can get involved too! Don’t push it on them though, if they are feeling negative towards your lifestyle the last thing they want it to hear you talking about it all the time. You’ll just put them off it more. Understand that everyones journey is different and although they may not be ready now, they will one day! So keep doing what your doing in hopes that by seeing you looking better and feeling better they will one day also start to live healthily! My childhood friend recently joined the gym after seeing me live a healthy lifestyle for years. She is now more dedicated than ever, which is such a change as she used to live off take-aways and 2L bottles of Pepsi. I knew one day she would switch to a healthy lifestyle so I never pushed it! Now she has I’m so proud of her.

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You can do this girl! Keep at it!