Rule 17: Stop Making Excuses

After taking two weeks out of my usual training routine, it would have been extremely easy to make an excuse today as to why I can’t go. I have a ton of work to catch up on, I am tired after a busy weekend, I can’t be bothered. It was on that walk where I told myself that the world is full of excuses makers and I refuse to be one of them. And since then, I have stuck to it. This morning I set my alarm at 6am, got up and went straight to the gym, I may or may not have promised myself an iced americano for pre-workout from Starbucks 🙄. Now I feel great, I don’t have to worry about training later I can catch up on work all day.


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The great thing about this life is, we all have the chance to create every day. We have created the life we live, this is through good choices or poor choices. We can all go after the things we want if we want them enough.  Is your reason which is holding you back an excuse or not?

We all have 24 hours in our day. We work for approx 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours. Maybe commute for up to 2 hours, this leaves 6 hours. A decent workout takes 20 minutes. You can even work out while you do other tasks, 10 squats every hour at your desk. And if you struggle to find time to cook then why not use “Lean in 15” recipes you will find on “The Body Coach” facebook page? They literally take 15 minutes to make!

Saying you’ll do something tomorrow is an excuse. Tomorrow never comes, if something is high on your priority list then just get it done today. No excuses, if you’re putting it off until tomorrow, then the chance of putting it off again is much higher. Many people say they are going to start their healthy lifestyle on a Monday and before they know it 52 Monday’s have passed and they are no closer to their goals. Stop putting it off and get it done today!