Rule 16: Create healthy habits

Creating healthy habits is a great way to improve your health and life without it being too much effort.
As humans we are creatures of habits and the habits we have can either make us or break us, not just in fitness and health but also in life. You can always strive to be better, so if you want to get healthier take a look at your current lifestyle and decide on what habits you want to create.

If you’ve decided that you want to get in shape, thats great news! However no matter how much motivation you may have you need to strategically implement small changes into your life. Instead of starting a restrictive diet, just take a look into your currently lifestyle. If the next step for you to reach your goals is a restrictive diet then that’s what you need to do however, for most people that will not be the case. Address and change poor habits into good habits one by one. That way when the motivation wares off you wont be back to the drawing board looking for another programme because results will continue as a result of your good habits.

Healthy Habits For Those Just Starting

Swap soda for water
Don’t eat those biscuits with your cuppa tea
Don’t have sugar in your tea/coffee
If you smoke, cut down!
While you don’t have to start full on exercising you should be getting out and being active everyday for at least 30 mins, even if its just a walk
Don’t have dessert EVERYDAY
Getting enough sleep

Habits To Progress To

Getting in enough water
Making healthy food choices 80% of the time
Scheduling in workouts and doing them (check into The Fit Girl Community after for accountability)

I could go on, but these are just examples

No one is perfect, I know I’ve been trying to get into the habit of getting up at 6am on weekdays for probably over a year now, and I’m still working on it. When a baby is learning to walk and they repeatedly fall over, they never think that maybe walking isn’t for them, they just keep working on it until finally they master it. So don’t give up on your healthy habits.