Claire’s Fitness Journey

Hey, girls. Hope you’re well! today I’m going to be sharing how I got into fitness along with sharing some photos of me at the beginning of my fitness journey. Before we begin, the coloured water I’m drinking in these is BCAA, I think like many beginners to fitness do, I thought supplements would play a huge role in helping me succeed! This is not true, we do not need supplements. PS. I don’t use BCAAs anymore, I just ensure my protein intake from food is adequate

. . .

When it was time to decide what to do at college I decided I wanted to become a PE teacher, I completed my college course in Sport and moved onto university to do a degree in Exercise, Physical Activity & Health and then carry on to complete a PGCE, find a role in a secondary school somewhere and the rest would be history however, it didn’t quite pan out like that.

I lived my students years as most typical students do, eating junk, drinking far too much and avoiding any type of physical activity. It’s not that I didn’t love being active anymore but most of the time I was too hungover to exercise, or I had too much work on, really I just had too many excuses! In the summer between my second year and final year I was on holiday in Spain and I noticed that all the bikinis In my usual size 10 were very very tight on me, they’d never felt this way before so I took a photo of myself in the mirror and compared it to others and I quickly realised that I had gained ALOT of weight. I decided that this is not how I wanted to be, unhealthy, binge drinking and eating whatever I felt like so I took some action, I started training with my friend Dean, he was a body builder and introduced me to resistance training, I loved how it felt and very quickly I started eating much better, because I wanted to get the most out of my sessions, I knew that what we eat has an impact on our energy levels so I opted for better foods and I felt incredible. Everyone around me noticed the difference in my physique. It’s this at this point that I decided I was going to change career paths, I started The Fit Girl Rules on Facebook in late 2013 (check the leggings – haha) and by late 2014 the following had grown to over 100k.

I graduated university, completed my personal training qualification but then I decided to travel and I spent 12 months back and forth between Europe and North America, as you can imagine I really had to balance my social and fitness life during this time which made me fall in love with taking care of my health even more. When I decided that my traveling days were over I fell into what I loved doing, training clients, as there were no local gyms close to me, I trained clients online and together we got some great results, however I’m not the sort of trainer who will take on more clients than I can handle and had to turn many women away, it was this that sparked the idea to create The Fit Girl Programme, a resource for women to still get the results they want without being a training client, I got in touch with Danielle and we decided to create the programme together for you, its been 2 years in the making and has everything you need!  (you can read about how we met in 2012 and all those details in another post soon). I’m always striving to learn more, I just love putting my brain to work so in 2016 I went back to university to complete my masters degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science, as this post goes live, I’m currently studying “The Biochemistry & Metabolism Of Human Metabolism” its tough!! Really tough but it’s just what I need, starting this masters is by far one of the best decisions I ever made!

My goal is to inspire as many women as I can to fall in love with looking after their health and getting fit! If you’re considering starting your fitness journey, don’t hesitate. Just do it and figure out the details as you go along!

Thanks for stopping by.