About Claire

I live in North Wales, just outside of Chester, I have a French Bulldog called Lola and my 3 favourite things in life are Yoga, Coffee & Gin. My education went down the route of health & fitness because I wanted to become a P.E. teacher. During my degree in Exercise, Physical Activity & Health I lead a typical student life, too much alcohol, not enough sleep & poor food choices, this lead to me gaining weight. As I was entering my third year of university it dawned on me that I was about to enter the world as the unhealthiest health professional and started eating better and resistance training. I completely fell in love with this type of training and the way it made me feel and look. It was at this point that I decided to change career paths because I wanted to help women feel this good. I completed my PT qualification in 2014, the same year I graduated and started The Fit Girl Rules, it began as a Facebook page where I shared my journey and it grew so rapidly. Within a year the page hit over 100,000 followers so I set up Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a Youtube Channel (it doesn’t have any content on it yet though). I then had the blog created so could give away tips, advice, recipes and workouts and the community inbuilt into the website so that women around the world can connect and support each other. You can create your free profile here. I’m always keen to learn more and constantly better myself which led me back to university to complete my masters degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science while working at a local gym and helping women with this online platform.

Professional Qualifications
BSc Hons – Exercise, Physical Activity & Health
MSc – Exercise & Nutrition Science (current study)
Level 3 Personal Trainer
BioPrint Certified.

What Is The Fit Girl Rules?

The Fit Girl Rules started as simple rules to follow to lead a healthier lifestyle and since launching in 2014, has evolved into an amazing community, theres a small but growing store of cute fitness accessories / apparel and a Fitness/Nutrition Programme which I started working on in 2014 and completed in 2017. And there’s a recipe book and workout guide to follow soon which is also included in the membership cost of the programme (lifetime updates and additions).

Mission Statement

“to empower and support all women to lead healthier and happier lifestyles”